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Leadership Development - Executive Coaching - Team Coaching 
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We help individuals and organisations to grow the effectiveness of their leadership behaviour, with measurable results! At aNewPathNow, coaching goes beyond awareness creation. We use Marshall Goldsmith's Stakeholder Centered Coaching process, which takes the leadership change process further, outside the leader's office, and into their work environment with the stakeholders. Stakeholders (colleagues, team members, bosses)  can provide important and insightful suggestions for behavioural change that will help leaders to become more effective on the job. The Stakeholder Centered Coaching process includes a strong emphasis on action implementation and follow-through to make change stick, thus creating more effective leadership behaviors and habits. Leadership growth has only real value though implementing change that is sustained, recognized and acknowledged by stakeholders in the workplace. Perception is reality. We would love to support your leadership development initiatives!
Eintrags-Nummer ID 96961
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