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Alle Bilder volle Groesse


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Feel the Deep relaxation and waves of pleasure.
If you let yourself be massaged by a woman at Tantra Sphere you will encounter a strong creative personality pleasing you. Find the perfect time when you are sad, demented by day efforts and future planning makes you tired, it is necessary to change urgently something in life, stop. Remember yourself and enjoy with sensuality massage time.
At tantra sphere we have ability to touch people breathe deeply in a lasting way. For us massage is more than a combination of skilled hand movements till we don’t reach deeply to skin and soul. We offer a unique range of massage and relaxation programs based on the use of specific techniques of various massage and all types of massage are created to help you relax and feel the deep pleasure with a beautiful girl in a comfortable atmosphere.
At Tantra Sphere, we are waiting for our guests patiently to come and join us. We welcome you to biggest Sensual massage Zurich Saloon where the Tantra Basel massage and the massage services are quality controlled, maximally discreet and completely legal.  
Our skillful, licensed therapist masseuses will pamper and encounter you within minutes. Our primary aim is to serve our guests in our salon on the maximum standard of the massages. Our exceptionally beautiful, qualified and young masseuses take care of the undisturbed relaxation of our guests in our elegant sensual massage Bern salons which are satisfying all demands.
We never stop learning the art of massage in different way to offer. In contrary we do not offer sexual services, our focus is on Tantric massage, massage, Sensual massage and pampering.


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