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Marriage and Friendship Rings Samtosa 
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Samtosa - Marriage and Friendship Rings - Firendship Ring - Technical Spec: Wedding bands / friendship rings These two rings melt together to form a unique bond. They blend to represent a symbolic wish fulfilled! Many of our clients were constantly asking us to create a new design. One that would inspire a new definition of design for a wedding band or a friendship ring. Clients didn't want the typical symbolic representation of a wedding band by wearing them on their fingers. They rather wanted the unique element of a lifetime of togetherness and eternity matched through their rings. Such a timeless design was requested more often at Meghana and now we answered! This classic idea of a combination of rings, each piece such that it locks into the other, is a classic idea. 18 Karat gold, handmade in Switzerland. The women's band takes on that of the man in perfect unison. Once together, their locking power ensures the wanted desire of representation of eternity. A symbol of love and substance, each pair will be handmade for you, custom-made to fit your size. Each pair is unique. The individual beauty of the pair is recognized through each click, designed especially for you. They are 18 Karat gold and without precious stones in the basic structure, but you can add jewels of your choice if desired. The prices quoted below refer to the rings WITHOUT precious stones. 18 Karat Gold. Also with brillanten, or Other gemstones or personal combinations available upon request. As the first company in the world. For our many innovative ideas we did obtain international awards and recognition. In fact, Conyou Designs is the first company in the world to realize the creations of custom-made jewels ( On your body anatomic adapted jewels), watches, collie, earrings, hair - brooch, finger rings, bracelets, Sunglasses, and Belt. IN LIMITED NUMBERS AS A SERIES (all made in Switzerland). Svarupa - This fingerring in 18carat gold for ladys, will be adapted individual in your finger. As it is custom-made, it fits perfectly. Material : 18 Carat Golg Joune
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